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About Josh Keegan

Welcome to the About Page for personal site of Josh Keegan.

Josh is a Dad, CEO, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Blogger, Mentor, Contractor and Drone Guy. Josh has been in business for over 20+ years for a number of businesses providing him with a unique perspective and insights into multiple industries.

The most important job he has however is father of two (2) daughters and husband...all things which are a daily challenge to get right (and get wrong).

He is a massive, massive geek and is into:

  • Space and new discoveries

  • New space (the new space race brought about by SpaceX, Blue Origin etc.)

  • Technology

  • Science including biomedical innovation

  • Drones/UAV and new aviation

  • Autonomy in everything

  • IT, IoT, AI and Super AI

  • Coffee

According to his lovely wife, this makes him more of a hybrid called a Geeky Nerd and believe it or not, there is an associated classification system (I'm sure there will be a blog about this at some point).

I am combining my passions, knowledge and experience into a series of YouTube videos on drones, aerospace, technology and coffee to inform, educate and ultimately, inspire others. background.png



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