Aviation Corner - Episode 3: Experimental Aircraft (YouTube)

Compared to overseas countries, Australia's population is located on both the East and West Coasts with what appears to be a LOT of blank space located in the middle.

Is this an ideal testing ground for experimental aircraft? Can an overseas company bring their aircraft, drone or rocket here easily?

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From Rocking Out to Building Rockets - Moody Space Centre (YouTube)

Welcome to the first episode of The Space Down Under!

In this first episode, I interview John Moody the creator of the Moody Space Centre and discover the very personal story of why he went from Rocking Out to Building Rockets!

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Aviation Corner - Episode 2: Launching from Australia (YouTube)

(19 May 2019) For Episode 2 of Aviation Corner, I managed to catch up with Keith Tonkin, Managing Director of Aviation Projects to talk about my most favored topic - the Australian Space Industry.

Keith and I have known each other for years and his business is all about things to do with aviation, including approvals for Wind Power Stations. I decided to take a "leap of faith" and ask him all about the potential of launching from Australia....turns out he knows a LOT!

This episode of Aviation Corner we explore launching a rocket from Australian soil and what permissions are needed to get to Low Earth Orbit (LEO) for commercial operators.

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Australia's Surprising History in Space - Episode 1 (YouTube)

(12 April 2019) The formation of the Australian Space Agency got me thinking...has Australia been involved in the space industry? What have we done? Turns out, we have been supporting deep space missions in this country since 1962. This video looks at my own personal journey as a space nerd and uncovers surprising facts about Australia and our involvement in the space industry!

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One Massive Weekend of Space News (YouTube)

(5 March 2019) It has been a massive weekend in space news with SpaceX not only successfully launching, but also docking its Dragon2 capsule to the International Space Station getting ready to deliver astronauts under the Commercial Crew Program….while here in Australia our Chief Air Mashal for our Australian Air Force has signalled their expansion into space.

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